Barbel Moser: The struggle for audience is won by objectivity, not by financial means

Barbel Moser, Director of International Development at Radio France International held an open lecture with master students of Communication Department. Ms. Moser explained the functioning system of Radio France International, languages of communication, its staff, as well as the media group as a whole.
Students were introduced to the beginnings of international media and its continuity over the years. At the same time, Moser explained the adaptation of Radio France International with technology by transfering the news to other means of communication too.
According to Barbel Moser, objectivity is the one that differentiates RFI from other medias. She expained some cases where media groups which possess the best technology fail to take RFI’s listeners and followers, because the struggle for audience is won by objectivity, not by financial means. 
Asked whether radio would survive or not, Mrs. Moser replied yes. Radio will survive because it's a free communication mean, people have affinity with the radio, as well as because of urbanization, at rush hours people spend more time in car and listen more radio. Radio can attract audience if the journalist knows how to have the attention by presenting the news in a particular form.
After the lecture, the conversation became  interactive, Mrs. Moser asked some questions to students and then began to answer their questions. She said that journalism is a beautiful and difficult profession, but passion is the most important element.