Lazar Semini: Impartiality and fairness, the two basic principles of international media

Lazar Semini, correspondent of Associated Press in Albania, invited in "Students and Profession" cycle, held an open lecture on "Albanian actuality in world media".
Mr Semini initially explained the history of the formation of news agencies and their development over the years. He focused on the importance of spreading the news especially with the help of technological developments.
'Impartiality and fairness are the two basic principles of international media. In these forms personal opinions and judgments can hardly be found because these kind of news require attribution, a special element of international media which in albanian media is often absent '' - he added.
Mr Semini explained more specifically some instances of his work, including an analysis of Serbia-Albania post match situation and Greco-Italian ferry tragedy, enabling students a practical explanation.
Regarding to the topic Albania in the international media,  Mr.Semini added that every good or bad event is news, but everything depends on the method of preparation and access to the international information.