MarCOM seminars: CEO of Connext with students of communication

In the framework of MarCom seminars, students of the Department of Communication at Beder Universty held a very interesting and successful conversation with Mr. Klodian Makashi, co-founder and CEO of Connext – agency of Marketing and Communications in Albania.

Since the beginning of the conversation, Mr. Makashi emphasized that today, the Albanian reality is enriched with successful cases of doing marketing, which should be recognized and treated by the universities and students during their teaching hours. The conversation was directed to the use of new and attractive ways by marketers to attract and engage the audiences and consumers, and it was focused on specific experiences of the agency Connext, which have proved to be very successful. In this context, Mr. Makashi explained that Innovation/creativity and Professionalism/accountability are the success factors in today's world of media marketing.

Questions from the students gave to the speaker the opportunity to inform them on future projects of the agency and discuss with the students particular elements aiming not only the communication with the customer, but also the satisfaction of the direct clients of the agency, businesses or various institutions. At the end of the seminar, they discussed concrete opportunities to engage students in current and future projects at Connext agency in the form of professional practice, which is considered very important and productive for the students.