Meeting between generations in the

Professional journalists graduated from the Department of Communication Sciences at Beder University met with students who continue their studies in this field.

The meeting was held within the cycle "Student and Profession", a practice followed for years within the Department of Communication Sciences.

Guests were graduates of Beder, Osman Stafa, journalist and editor of the show "Oktapodi" in Vizion Plus TV; Amela Shehu, journalist in the "Bypass Show" in Vizion Plus TV; Sonila Qazim, journalist and editor of local news in Vizion Plus TV; and Xhevahir Qardaku, reporter in ABC News  TV.

Panelists shared with communication sciences students their experiences of several years, starting when they were students, up to the challenges facing in the labor market.

Of interest were the questions of the students who were interested in the possibilities of professional internships, those related to employment and the challenges facing traditional media nowadays etc..