Researchers from 11 countries and 21 different universities, gathered at ICCMS 2015

Researchers from 11 countries and 21 different universities, gathered at the international conference on communication and media studies, discussed about developments and challenges that media industry faces.
Academics and professionals of  media field, coming from France, Ireland, Turkey, Belgium, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, referred their scientific papers aiming to provide answers to dilemmas and problems that technological changes have brought to media industry.
Topics of the conference included sharing information on scientific research, development, media industry applications, social media, marketing, political communication, etc. New reports of media ownership have also brought new relations between owners of media product, its quality, advertisers, politicians and other stakeholders.
In his opening speech, rector of ’Hëna e Plotë’’ Beder University, Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, after welcoming the referees and participants, raised the importance of treating such topics in terms of digitalization and new media trends.
Prof. Artan Fuga, head of Journalism and Communication Department at Tirana University, focused on the dynamics of recent years, where traditional media is being challenged by new communication tools. New digital media is creating dilemmas and questions, about the effectiveness, credibility and audience. He mentioned the importance of organizing the conference in partnership with several institutions, wishing that referees, through their works, will answer questions about recent developments in the media industry.
Deputy Ambassador of France to Albania, Didier Guilbert expressed his honors for participating in this important international conference, considering new communication platforms conditions. He noted the close cooperation between ’Hëna e Plotë’’ Beder University and French Embassy in various activities within the terms of Francophonie.
Prof. Dr. Briseida Mema, as the chairwoman of the conference, focused on the relevance and importance of  discussing topics related to media industry. She stressed that technology progresses rapidly and in this regard researchers, journalists and media people have to walk on the same rhythm so to not be left behind technological developments. Ms. Mema expressed her gratitude for the support that French Embassy has consistently provided in these activities within the framework of Francophonie.
Mr. Alfred Peza, deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Public Information Means, thanked ’Hëna e Plotë’’ Beder University for organizing this conference, noting that such activities serve not only to media professionals, but also to public and policymakers. Mr. Peza focused on the process of transition to digital broadcasting as an international obligation.
Prof. Eric Scherer from France, director of "Future Media" on French television was invited as the keynote speaker of the conference. Professor Scherer presented 10 challenges of the digital revolution, as well as changes that media industry should adapt.
Professor Scherer, author of ''Do we still need journalists'' essay, stressed that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc, are spreading so fast, while traditional media is trying to integrate these new forms of communication. He also said that media entrepreneurship is difficult and digitalization brings the need for experts in this field.
International Conference on communication and media studies on topic "media industry, trends, dynamics and challenges', was organized by Department of Communication Sciences at ’Hëna e Plotë’’ Beder University, in collaboration with Department of Journalism and communication at Tirana University, "Ipek University" in Ankara, University of Pristina, and the Union of Journalists of Albania.