The project of 100 social scholarships is launched

Bedër University , in cooperation with "Hafiz Ali Korça" Foundation, a foundation founded by the Albanian Muslim Community, held today the launching ceremony of the project of 100 social scholarships, a project that enables dozens of high school students of this academic year to study with a schoolership up to  100%  in one of the programs that this institution offers.

At this ceremony, held at Tirana International Hotel, there were a considerable number of personalities from the academic world, culture, art, media, business, education and sport. Mention here: Ms. Myfarete Laze, Mr. Dritan Boriçi, Noizy (Rigels Rajku), Ms. Sabahete Vishnja, Ms. Briseida Mema, Mr. Agron Tufa, Mishela Rapo, Mr. Said Fishta etc.

The Director of the Hafiz Ali Korça Education Foundation, Mr. Dritan Laçi, in his greeting speech said that the whole purpose of this project is the support of all those graduates who due to economic conditions are unable to continue their undergraduate studies .

"We can not claim a bright future if we do not allow students to continue the university," he said during his speech.

While the rector of Bedër University College, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, after thanking the participants for their participation in the activity, touched on the various problems of education of younger generations in our country.

Among other things, he said: "Someone is born rich, someone is born poor, someone in the village, and someone in the city. No one has anything in their hands. Everyone surrenders or suits this situation. We have a chance to think for everyone, with as much capacity as we can. "

Further, the vice-chairman of the Albanian Muslim Community, Mr. Lauren Luli, expressed the full readiness of the institution he represents not only in support of this initiative but also in further cooperation between the two institutions in projects focusing on the education of younger generations .

The project of 100 social scholarships was also welcomed by well-known singers in our country as Ms. Myfarete Laze, Mishela Rapo, Noizy and renowned businessman Mr. Said Fishta, who shared with their audience their support and appreciation for this foundation and university initiative.

Beder University invites all interested students to become part of these scholarships by applying first to the state matura portal for one of the study programs we offer.