Course Title : News Agencies
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COM 216-1 B 4 3 0 0 3.00 5
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Language Albanian
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Description The journalism of Agency - is based mainly on journalistic practices necessary to be respected in an open media market to new technological developments. International news agencies are powerful industries and leader of information, adapting anytime to new numerical models dictated by many factors of economic actors, political and geo-politics. News agencies are industries built according to the needs of an open market, where the news is sold as a commodity formatted in different ways, text, picture, video, or infografistative or mobile: everything transmitted between multiple communication tools from satellites to cell phones or even passing the watch we wear ... and from where the information can pass quickly. Because of the speed of the news which is trnasmitted in real time between multiple means of information always developing, writing and reporting practices of the Agency news have been introduced widely in contemporary journalism and also have beccome part of other systems of the communications industry , introduced widely in the market. Today news agencies operate as major information industry which is obliged to fit the needs of a market that day by day is becoming more competitive between input methods or other numerical systems.
Objectives Full information for international and national news agencies. Introduction to institutional construction of a news agency the market it covers. Operation of news agencies, geopolitics of information coverage. Reporting ways associated closely with evolutions of numerical era which directly affects the format of writing, but also in other forms of reporting categories as infografia, even if fixed or mobile, video, photography and digital. The role of news agencies in a new market "digital story-telling". Within this mobile world, the information transmitted by news agencies or other complementary tools of information as information channels (News), mobile phones, video etc. has certain features and rules of the news division and its enrichment on the basis of a certain methodology and pratctise.
Course Outline
1Major news agencies, their institutional building
2Crises and challenges of news agencies in terms of the digital revolution
3Coverage of the media market and offers of information transmitted by the News Agencies
4News agencies, television channels of information
5General information forms transmitted by news agencies
6Multimedia productions
7Control and ownership of major news agencies / Reuters / AFP / AP
8Midterm Exam
9Deontology of production.
10On-line Information in News Agencies, interrelations with social media or other mass media
11Coverage of conflicts, events, editorial control
12The role, structure, interrelations of Albanian News Agency with visual and written media in Albania / National Agencies / Organization
13Differences from mass media journalism
14Rules of reporting and broadcasting of news agencies
15Assessment of knowledge
16Final Exam
Other References
Laboratory Work
Computer Usage
Learning Outcomes and Competences
1The function of news agenciesOrientation in a media market that changes every day
2The importance of information in a News Agency / What constitutes information, news for an international news agencies.What is the difference between an international and and a national news agency. Flow of information, the importance of respecting the deontology of information.The clients of News agencies. The course supports the theoretical and scientific basis, based on the updated examples of the transmission of a particular news from foreign news agencies, newspapers or TV informative BBC, CNN. This comparative way helps the student to see the news, not in the narrow framework of theoretical rules, but also to expand his knowledge on the basis of media market needs, in order to help him orient well in this market and find opportunities for him to subsequently raise his career.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To enable the student practise the ways of writing and transmission of short, concise information - between the news organization with the number of words, according to the media, but also according to other operators because of the speed of communication, transmission of information through new technologies (mobile which increasingly prefer this way of news writing
3To sensitize the students that journalism is not simply and only writing, reporting, newsroom, but an industry that imposes rules, dictated by a rapid development. Journalism Agency makes student realize that despite of the speed or other conditions of transmission of information, the basic principles of genuineness based on verification, remain inviolable.
Course Evaluation Methods
In-term studies Quantity Percentage
Term Projects00
Contribution of in-term studies to overall grade30
Contribution of final examination to overall grade70
ECTS (Allocated Based on Student) Workload
Activities Quantity Duration
Total Workload
Course Duration (Including the exam week : 16 x Total course hours) 16348
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14456
Assignments 050
Midterms 188
Final examination 11212
Other 000
Total Work Load 124
Total Work Load / 25 (hours) 4.96

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