Study visit to "TUMO Tirana"

As part of the orientation days, the first-year students in the "Multimedia and Graphic Design" program visited today the technological center "Tumo Tirana".
The students were introduced to the premises of the center, under the guidance of Mrs. Imelda Zeqo, trainer at "Tumo Tirana". Ms. Zeqo explained to the students the different disciplines in which he operated, mentioning here: animation, graphic design, programming, 3D modeling, robotics, etc.
The experience at "Tumo Tirana" for the participants started with the first phase, which was otherwise known as the "self learning" phase, where they worked independently on their projects with the help of various tutorials. Afterwards, professors from the relevant fields conducted workshops with each group, these workshops consisted in the realization of a final project. Each member of "Tumo Tirana", at the end of this experience, was equipped with his own portfolio, which constituted a very important element for each of them.
"Professions such as Multimedia and Graphic Design that you have chosen are professions that do not die, professions that have a job market", Mrs. Zeqo.