Course Title : Advanced Research Methods I
Code Course
Credits ECTS
COM 401-1 A 1 3 0 0 3.00 6
Lecturer and Office Hours
Teaching Assistant and Office Hours
Language Albanian
Course Level
Description This course intends the application in practice of the knowledges gained in “Advanced Researching Methods” during the selection and classification of materials of a study or thesis. Problems faced during the preparation of thesis and the solution ways. It also intends practice of researching techniques and methods
Objectives Supply of neccessary informations for master and doctoral students relating regularly labor, selection and classification of materials during preparation of a study case or thesis. Problems faced during preparation of thesis and the solution ways. Researching techniques and methods. Gathering and classification of data.
Course Outline
1Presentation of the course structure, bibliography and general concepts
2Important elements for the preparation of the thesis and research projects
3Different epistemological views on scientific research
4Pozitivist epistemology in social sciences.
5Studying methods in pozitivist methodology.
6Structure of a scientific paper in social sciences
7Conventional epistemology
8Midterm Exam
9Intertextual role in a scientific paper
10About the problem of bibliographic references in the scientific paper
11About the construction of a questionnaire in the social sciences
12Writing of research files at theoretical and developing work plan
13Research ethics issues, plagiarism, quoting and original work report
14General Discussion about the problems of research by students
15Talking with groups of students about the way of a scientific paper construction
16Final Exam
Other References
Laboratory Work
Computer Usage Yes
Learning Outcomes and Competences
1Student becomes familiar with the way of designing a scientific paper
2The student gets to know how to build the structure of a work in terms of the volume of parts within it
3Students become acquainted with the attitude that should keep to bibliography and citations within and at the end of the paper
Course Evaluation Methods
In-term studies Quantity Percentage
Term Projects00
Contribution of in-term studies to overall grade25
Contribution of final examination to overall grade75
ECTS (Allocated Based on Student) Workload
Activities Quantity Duration
Total Workload
Course Duration (Including the exam week : 16 x Total course hours) 16348
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14570
Assignments 166
Midterms 11010
Final examination 11010
Other 000
Total Work Load 144
Total Work Load / 25 (hours) 5.76

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