Professional Master in Marketing Communication



Coordinator of Program

PhD. Erlis Çela[email protected]

Scientific Committee

PhD. Erlis Çela [email protected]
PhD. Valmora Gogo
PhD. Brikena Smajli

About the program​

The "Professional Master in Marketing Communication" program is designed to provide students with an intellectual and professional education, presenting a variety of concepts and perspectives in the field of marketing communication. Marketing communication includes selecting and applying the main tools of communication available to an organization which aims to reach its marketing goals. This is often done by professional agencies and involves strategic thinking as well as the development of creative solutions. Marketing communication requires a well-thought combination of research-based knowledge with their practical aspect, which often requisites high creative skills.

The program includes teaching of basic marketing communication techniques, such as integrated communication, advertising, digital marketing, campaign management etc. This program gives the students the chance to gain sufficient professional skills to work with specialists involved in the whole process of marketing management. The main goal of this program is to help students increase their individual career perspective through knowledge of how to best apply academic learning in marketing communication.

Program Structuring 

The study program is made up of 60 ECTS, in accordance with the curriculum proposed by the Department of Communication Sciences. The study program of the first cycle in "Professional Master in Marketing Communication" lasts one academic year, divided into two semesters.


The mission of "Professional Master in Marketing Communication" program is conceived in harmony with the general mission of Bedër University College alongside with international standards, as well as with the innovations that this Institution aims to bring to our country and beyond.

The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences in this program is to prepare qualified individuals in the field of marketing communication, through an educational philosophy whose basics are universal values, professional ethics, and the implementation of ideas and projects that improve not only one’s life but the whole society. All this is done in full accordance with the development of modern technologies. "


The Department of Communication Sciences, by way of "Professional Master in Marketing Communication" program, will bring innovation in the way students are trained and prepared through a well-organized combination of theoretical framework with the practical aspect of it in contemporary conditions and opportunities. The Department of Communication Sciences through this program and research at the level of basic and institutional units, will prepare professionals efficient for the market in equal conditions with a global society and rapid development of modern technologies that have included the field of communication and marketing communication.


By introducing the students to complete programs for all the necessary knowledge for a more professional preparation in the field of marketing communication, the department shows persistence in its mission to prepare professionals capable of respecting deontology and professional ethics, in scientific and in-depth analysis of various facts and situations. This can be achieved through the benefits students gain from a wide pluralistic, contemporary culture as regarding aspects of thinking and analysing the situations and events.

As a department based on professional requirements that aims preparing professionals of a democratic society and of a contemporary media and technological development, through this program it aims to fulfill the institutional mission, helping students develop critical thinking skills as well as a clear communication, helping them understand the ethical dimensions of the decisions they make, to recognize the role and importance of the transmission of information in the media of a democratic society, as well as the special importance of communication, public relations and marketing communication within public and private institutions.

Through a curriculum based on the tradition of several, well known universities in this field, the "Professional Master in Marketing Communication" program, aims to develop a broad understanding of theoretical and practical framework in the field of communication, with a special focus on marketing communication.

By combining theoretical and practical knowledge, this program aims to prepare skillful students ready to face the global market in the field of communication, marketing communication and their media relations.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the program “Professional Master in Marketing Communication”, students will be able to:

  • know the basic concepts with which it operates in the field of integrated marketing communication,
  • demonstrate in-depth professional knowledge and skills in the field of communication, marketing and media,
  • advance knowledge about social research methods with a more focused focus on communication and its effects,
  • apply communication methods to the public and the community, and compare contemporary theoretical approaches in these areas,
  • analyze the structure of links between media, public relations, marketing and other areas of interest to achieve effective communication with consumers and audiences,
  • acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of strategic communication and analyze communication with the public of various institutions and organizations,
  • compare the most effective approaches to communication with consumers and audiences nowadays taking into account technological developments in this field,
  • acquire knowledge on marketing concepts, as well as design and implement communication plans for communication campaigns with audiences,
  • appreciate the role of research, surveys, image of individuals, organizations and corporations as well as the role of media in the success of communication campaigns.


Employment opportunities

Graduates of this program can work:

- as a marketing communication specialist in private or public institutions, local and foreign organizations etc

- in various advertising, media, public relations as well as communication consulting agencies;

- in maintaining and developing relationships between different institutions and clients;

- as market researchers in identifying, verifying, analyzing and reaching audiences;

- organising campaigns in the field of integrated communication;

- in the communication offices of public or private institutions, various local or foreign organizations etc;

 - as communication consultants for individual employers or CEO-s of various institutions / organizations;

- in local and foreign organisations or associations, which operate in the field of communication, as curator operator of international relations, in public and private institutions etc;

- in political entities, in press and information offices, in public relations offices as well as in local and multinational institutions.