Edi Oga was invited to the seminar cycle "MarCom"

Communication expert and journalist Edi Oga was invited to Bedër University College, within the MarCom seminar cycle. At a meeting with the students of the Department of Communication Sciences, he spoke about his experience, emphasizing the ways of communication in the television premises.
He stressed that television is the best tool to achieve some of the goals that would benefit the nation, taking the example of Italian television, which cultivated the tastes of viewers and became a model for Albanian television as well.
"Television is something beautiful, spectacular, and the main ability to become a part of a television is to be enthusiastic," he said. Oga.
At the end of the meeting, the importance of having good news for educating and cultivating the tastes of the audience was emphasized, Oga, encouraged the students to continue on the road to television, conveying positive and valuable messages to society.