"Pasqyra e t'rrëfyemit" magazine, presented in Beder

Department of Communication Sciences, held a meeting with the publisher and writer Behar Gjoka.
The meeting was held in the framework of the presentation of the cultural magazine "Pasqyra e t'rrëfyemit" published by the Center for Literary Studies "Pjetër Budi".
Mr. Gjoka presented the next issue of the magazine, which was entirely devoted to the lyric poet Frederik Rreshpja. This magazine number summarizes the proceedings of the Conference devoted to Rreshpes, organized by the Center for Literary Studies "Pjetër Budi".
Discussions centered on the role the reader has to grasp and build meaning in relation to text; literature as a sign, art or communication tool; its criticism and its role in the development of literature.
Mrs. Gjoka emphasized the role of criticism in discovering new writers, orientation in reading as well as for the development of culture as a whole. He further focused on the current state of the cultural press in our country, addressing issues and opportunities.
Then the discussions continued between the students and Mr. Gjoka, on the expectations of Albanian literature and on the importance of reading, as well as the role played by journalism of culture in audience orientation.