The final debate of the Debate Club

The Debate Club and the Department of Communication Sciences at University College Bedër held today the final of the debates.
The debate theme of this finale was "to stay or to leave Albania?" The idea to escape was the first year student group: Samanta Hysa, Sabina Kurtaj from the Public Relations Program and Marketing Communica- tion, and Grisel Alla from the Communication Science Program. While the idea to stay was the second year students of Communication Science: Melsena Danglli, Lirije Myftarago and Lushe Responsible.
The debate was moderated by student Jona Kaso, while arguments and counterarguments by the parties were numerous and often startling.
The match was won with very little margin on the pro-stand in Albania. While both groups were praised at the end of this final for the performance and presentation shown during each stage shown up to the final.
The University College Bedër Debate Club in this academic year had 17 participating groups and students dealt with the most current topics in the field of media, politics, culture, technology and many other aspects of life. This club has been one of the most active at the "Bedër" University College and has served the students to deepen their knowledge, to express their thoughts and approaches, to build a more professional discourse and to create social relationships among students.