Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing Communication

Bachelor in Public Relations and Communication Marketing

The "Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing Communication" program is designed to provide students with an intellectual, professional and all-rounder education by presenting a conceptual and perspective variety in the field of media and communication, public and media relations as well as communication marketing. The program is designed to provide students with an intellectual horizon, presenting a conceptual and perspective perspective in these areas.

The mission of the program

The mission of the "Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing Communication" program is conceived in full harmony with the University of Bedër College's overall mission, with international standards, and in particular with the innovations that this Institution intends to bring to our country and beyond.

The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences in the program "Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing Communication" is the preparation of qualified individuals in the field of communication, public relations and communication communication, media relations and the public as well as in similar fields with them, through a philosophy of education that has in essence universal values, as well as the support of scientific research in order to implement ideas and projects that affect the improvement of human life and society, all of this in consistent with the development of contemporary technologies.

Vision of the program

The Department of Communication Sciences through the Bachelor Program in Public Relations and Marketing Communication will bring innovation in the way of training and preparation of students through a good organized theoretical combination of the theoretical background with the practice in contemporary conditions and physical possibilities.

The Department through the "Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing Communication" program and scientific research will prepare skilled labor market professionals in the conditions of a global society and the rapid development of modern technologies that have involved the media, public relations and marketing communication.

The objectives and the professional competences of the program

By presenting students with complete programs for all the necessary knowledge for a fuller professional preparation in the field of media and communication, public relations and marketing communication, the department stands firm in its mission to prepare professionals capable of respecting deontology and professional ethics, the in-depth analysis of scientific facts and situations, which we aim to achieve through the benefit of students of a pluralistic, contemporary culture on the way of thinking and conceptualizing situations and events.

As a department based on professional requirements and with the aim of preparing professionals of a democratic society and of contemporary media and technological development, we seek to fulfill our mission by helping students develop critical thinking skills, communication skills to understand the ethical dimensions of the decisions they make, to recognize the role and importance of transmitting information in the media of a free society, as well as the particular importance of communication and public relations and marketing communication within public institutions and private.

Through a curriculum based and based on the tradition of several vocational universities in this field, the "Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing Communication" program aims to develop a broad understanding of theories and practice in the field of communication, focusing on public relations and marketing communication.

The program aims to equip students with the skills necessary to continue with the study of the following cycles, be they scientific or professional.

By combining theory with practice, the program aims to prepare students with theoretical and practical skills ready to cope with the conditions of an open global market in the field of public relations, marketing communications, communication in general and their relationships with the media.

Results of the program

   At the end of the “Bachelor” program in “Public Relations and Marketing Communication”, students will be able to:

  • identify, compare and interpret the basic concepts of communication, marketing and public relations
  • understand, develop and apply the knowledge gained in public communication
  • define and use basic terminology and key marketing concepts.
  • recognize the basics of marketing planning and define the key elements of a marketing plan
  • describe the marketing elements of the mix and analyze how these elements are integrated into the marketing strategy
  • assess the impact of mixed marketing strategies on the organization’s ability to compete in the market.
  • design and implement marketing plans, which include, tactical decisions regarding the product, price, distribution, promotion to best meet the needs of the customer.
  • demonstrate basic skills in writing techniques in integrated communication for several different types of media and will create scripts and materials for the press, radio, television, social media, etc.
  • apply critical analysis in evaluating advertising campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness based on the objectives set by the organization
  • develop basic knowledge of digital marketing and PR, with new communication tools and methods of using different types of new media
  • demonstrate basic skills in digital marketing techniques and knowledge, especially on social media platforms, and will be able to identify key elements as well as tools used in a digital campaign
  • demonstrate knowledge of marketing research concepts and methods and design effective digital marketing and PR strategies for different companies and organizations
  • develop the ability to interact effectively in the group to meet a common goal.


Employment Opportunities

  • The student can work as a public relations specialist or marketing communications in private or public institutions, domestic and foreign organizations, etc.
  • The student can work in communication offices of public or private institutions, various domestic or foreign organizations, etc.
  • Students graduated from this program may work as communication advisors for individuals or managers of various institutions / organizations;
  • Graduates from this program may work in various advertising agencies, media, public relations, or providing communication consultancy;
  • Preservation and development of relations between different institutions and clients;
  • Market research in identifying, verifying, analyzing and reaching audiences;
  • Campaigning development in the field of integrated communication;
  • Students after graduation can be employed in public and private media institutions as journalists of print and visual media, including all media genres;
  • The student can work in organizations, local and foreign associations operating in the field of education/communication, civic services and education, as a curator of international relations, public and private administration etc;
  • The student can work in the steering bodies of agencies and institutions that are part of the field of communication, public relations and marketing;
  • The student can work in political subjects, in press and information offices, in public relations offices, in local and multinational institutions.