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Head of Department
PhD. Erlis Çela ecela@beder.edu.al
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About the department
The Department of Communication Sciences at the "Bedër" University College is part of the Faculty of Humanities. In accordance to the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Albania, the Department of Communication Sciences operates as a basic teaching – researching unit, which includes homogeneous areas in the discipline of communication sciences.
The department promotes, coordinates and manages the activities of teaching and research activities, while respecting the academic freedom of the academic staff and its right to use the financial and material resources at its disposal.
The Department of Communication Sciences provides an education for all students who are interested in building their professional careers in the public and private sector, in various areas of information exchange, as well as in the area of public relations.
This department offers three programs of study:
  •          Bachelor program in Communication Sciences
  •          Bachelor program in Public Relation and Marketing Communication
  •          Master of Science in Communication Sciences with a concentration in Journalism
  •          Master of Science in Communication Sciences with a concentration in Public Relations.
  •          Professional Master in Marketing Communication
The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences is to prepare qualified individuals in the field of journalism, communications, public relations and in similar fields, through an educational philosophy that is essentially based on universal values, as well as supports scientific research aiming to make real the ideas and projects that affect the improvement of human life and society.
Communication Sciences Department will yield innovation in how training and preparing students is realized through a well-organized combination of theoretical and practice in contemporary physical conditions and opportunities. Relying on a devoted academic staff in our truly mission, the department encourages students to love and respect their country, supports the commitment of everyone to a free and independent press based on the principles of professional ethics.
Employment opportunities
  • A student supplied with such training can work in public institutions and private media as a printed media journalist, reporter, political journalist and of other areas also,
  • A student supplied with such training can work in media subdivisions, local and foreign organizations operating in the field of education/communications, in media services, in public and private administration, she/he can also be a civic educator, operator and curator of international relations, etc.
  • A student having fulfilled this training can also work in the governing bodies of written or visual media.
  • A student having fulfilled this training can work in political entities, directories, and in units and offices of different press and media, public relations, foreign institutions, foreign bodies, etc.
Board Members of the Department of Communication Sciencies 
Nr. Tille Name Surname e-Mail
1 PhD Erlis Çela ecela@beder.edu.al
2 PhD Ardita  Reçi areci@beder.edu.al
3 PhD Valmora Gogo vgogo@beder.edu.al
4 PhD Ndriçim Çiroka nciroka@beder.edu.al
5 PhD Edlira Mali emali@beder.edu.al
6 PhD Ana Kekezi akekezi@beder.edu.al
7 Msc Jola Marku jmarku@beder.edu.al
8 PhD. Cand Emirjon  Senja esenja@beder.edu.al
9 Msc Rudi Dunga rdunga@beder.edu.al
10 Msc Alban Tufa altufa@beder.edu.al