Multimedia and Graphic Design (2-year)

About the Program
The "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design" is designed to offer students a professional and comprehensive education, presenting a variety of concepts and perspectives in the field of media and multimedia communication, graphic design and new forms of information transmission.
The program is designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical preparation, presenting a variety of concepts and perspectives in these areas.
Mission of the program
The mission of the "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design" is conceived in full harmony with the general mission of the Non-Public University College "Bedër", with international standards, as well as in particular with the innovations that this Institution aims to bring to our country and more. wide.
The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences in the "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design" is to prepare qualified individuals in the field of communication, public relations and marketing communication, media relations, as well as in similar fields. , through a philosophy of education that has essentially universal values, as well as the support of scientific research in order to implement ideas and projects that affect the improvement of human life and society as a whole, all in line with continuous development of contemporary technologies.
Program vision
The Department of Communication Sciences, through the "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design" will bring innovation in the way of training and preparation of students, through a well-organized combination of theoretical side with practice in contemporary conditions and physical possibilities.
The department through the "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design" and research will prepare professionals capable of the labor market in the context of a global society and the rapid development of modern technologies that have included the field of media communication, public relations and multimedia.
Objectives and professional competencies of the program
By presenting to the students complete programs for all the necessary knowledge for a more complete professional preparation in the field of media and communication, public relations and communication in marketing, the department stands firmly in its mission to prepare professionals capable in respecting of deontology and professional ethics, in-depth and scientific analysis of various facts and situations, which we aim to achieve through the benefit by students of a broad pluralistic, contemporary culture on the way of thinking and conceiving situations and events.
As a department based on professional requirements and with the aim of preparing professionals of a democratic society and of a contemporary media and technological development, we seek to fulfill our mission, helping students to develop the skills of critical thinking, communication and clearly, to understand the ethical dimensions of the decisions they make, to recognize the role and importance of the transmission of information in the media of a free society, as well as the special importance of communication and public relations and communication in marketing, within institutions public and private.
Through a curriculum based on and based on the tradition of several universities with a voice in this field, the program "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design" aims to develop a broad worldview of theories and practice in the field of communication, with a focus on public relations and marketing communication.
The program aims to equip students with the skills needed for vocational training for the job market.
By combining theory with practice, the program aims to prepare students with theoretical and practical skills, ready to face the conditions of a global open market in the field of public relations, marketing communication, communication in general and multimedia.
Program results
At the end of the "Professional Program in Multimedia and Graphic Design", graduate students develop:
- consistent communication skills in writing and presentation;
- professional skills from conception to implementation;
- real experience through professional internships, at a wide range of local and international organizations and institutions;
- knowledge of basic concepts and theories of the field;
- training for individual and group work;
- Ability to respond to the demands of a dynamic and attractive industry.
Employment Opportunities
- The student can work as a specialist in public relations or marketing communication in private or public institutions, local and foreign organizations, etc .;
- The student can work in the communication offices of public or private institutions, various local or foreign organizations, etc .;
- The graduate student from this program can work as a communication consultant for individuals or leaders of various institutions / organizations;
- The graduate of this program can work in various advertising, media, public relations agencies, or that provide communication consulting;
- The graduate student from this program is trained to maintain and develop relationships between different institutions and clients;
- The student is trained in market research in identifying, verifying, analyzing and reaching audiences;
- The student is trained to develop campaigns in the field of integrated communication;
- After graduation, the student can be employed in public and private media institutions as a journalist of print and visual media, including all media genres;
- The student can work in local and foreign organizations, associations, which operate in the field of education / communication, services and civic education, as a curator operator of international relations, in public and private administration, etc .;
- The graduate student can work in public institutions, central or local government, which engage in their structures Departments of Communication and Public Relations.
- The student can work in the governing bodies of agencies and institutions that are part of the field of communication, public relations and marketing;
- The student can work in the structures of political entities, in the press and information offices, in the public relations offices, in local and multinational institutions.

Elective Courses

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